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How Shiatsu benefits the Body and Mind

Shiatsu is a traditional Japanese bodywork therapy with its original roots in Chinese Medicine. It is a hands on method that uses finger and palm pressure to various acupressure points on the body. It works on the energy transmitted from one organ to the next. This is not visible to the naked eye or through x rays, just like we cannot see wind, but can certainly feel its effects.

In a healthy body, as long as the energy runs smoothly from one organ to the next you will experience good health. If this flow is inhibited or blocked, you will experience pain, whether that be backache, migraine, generally feeling unwell or something more serious. 

Shiatsu has had a profound effect on an array of issues that the body stores. It unravels the stress that being in the business of living life brings, it deeply nourishes and restores the bodies ability to cope with every day life situations. For example, it deepens your breathing which expands the chest resulting in more space for the heart and lungs which, in turn, promotes a state of well being. Therefore, you feel lighter, freer, more optimistic and a reduced level of pain and stress.

Everybody can benefit from Shiatsu. It is most effective for very serious ailments such as fertility issues, addiction problems, digestive issues and deeply rooted traumas, as well as a brilliant tool to maintain equilibrium in the body. Shiatsu is a way of life. It maintains good spiritual, physical, mental and emotional health. It strengthens the body from the inside, as it treats the roots, to allow it to shine its spirit, on the outside 

Clients wear loose, comfortable clothing and should not eat a heavy meal up to two hours before a treatment


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