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Aruna Khatri

Shiatsu Practitioner

MRSS Diploma (British School of Shiatsu)

I completed my 3 year training at the British School of Shiatsu.  I then continued to assist teachers for a duration of six years with the new students that enrolled on the course. 

Since receiving my Diploma, I have continued my professional development attending many advanced modules over the course of the years including Embriology and  the study of the Extraordinary Meridians which are the deepest reservoirs of energy in the body. This has a profound influence on the unwinding of difficult issues from the body's soft tissue resulting in a state of ease. 


My specialized field is the reproductive system (both male and female reproductive organs), particularly woman who are close to menopause and would like to start a family as well as menstruation imbalances and issues relating to the prostate, premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. I have years of experience working with drug and alcohol abuse, together with mental health issues. Shiatsu has a profound effect on unwinding the stress in the body. Therefore, it is most effective for the treatment of pain in the body such as neck and shoulder issues, hip and limb issues such as sciatica. Digestive issues respond very well to this treatment as well as any condition as everything has the potential to change.

In addition to running my own practice, I work for a homeless charity that supports clients with drug and alcohol abuse and for another charity that provides free treatments to the elderly and the underprivileged sector. I'm at Neal's Yard in Covent Gardens, The Healthy Living Centre in Highbury and The Women and Health Centre in Camden Town.

IMG-20191108-WA0003.jpg This is a picture of me giving a Shiatsu. You can expect to be fully clothed and comfortable on a specially designed cushion that ensures the curves of the spine is aligned correctly
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