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Emotional and Mental Well-being

Circumstances that have caused much anguish can remain stuck in a persons syc, causing great distress. If issues are left unresolved this can move deeper into the bodymind having a negative impact on all the major systems. It can feel like huge lines of tension that bounce around causing much unrest. Unravelling the soft tissue helps release the memory that is stored in our muscles, which then eases the symptoms of anxiety, depression, over-thinking, anger, grief and many other ailments are addressed which result in a more acceptable and manageable level of well-being creating harmony and flow in the body


Face and Foot Japanese Finger Pressure

This is a treatment designed to balance the body from the head to the feet working on the premise that the whole bodies organs are in both areas. This is deeply relaxing and particularly beneficial for the face


I've been married for 12 years and never used contraceptives. Hence, I went to see Aruna as well as the hospital where I was undergoing tests. I felt really relaxed and positively nurtured during the treatments and I stuck to all of Aruna's recommendations. During one session I felt a sensation deep inside that felt very freeing. Aruna explained that that was my womb unwinding! I was pregnant 2 weeks after that!

Rihanna Dawes


Dear Aruna, I can't thank you enough for relieving the pain I have had for the last 3 years. Even though i had steroid injections for my two frozen shoulders, I was still in considerable pain when I first came to see you. It was limiting my movement and affecting my life on a daily basis. After the first treatment, I was in pain for a few days but then the pain from my shoulders was greatly reduced. After being 2 weeks pain free, my body started to let me know when I was due for a massage again. The pain would resurface a couple of days before I was due a massage. Now I'm pain free all the time! I'm very thankful for all the techniques you taught me, the breathing, heel tapping and helping me understand my body more. More importantly, you made me realize I need to make time for myself as I was always too busy caring for others. I have enjoyed our sessions and hope you can offer your treatments to many more who will benefit. Thanks again.                  Janice Sweeney

I recentlly broke my ankle. Six months later , I was still in pain and hobbling to walk. I received 3 sessions and can now walk without pain. The Shiatsu makes it push out all the 'bad', its hard to explain. Everything is unblocked now and its a dramatic difference!

Paul Merchant Grow Hostel



Initial Consultation: 90 minutes - £90.00


Follow-Up Consultations: 1 hour - £75.00


Reproductive  Issues

Many imbalances respond well to this therapy. Irregular periods, lack of periods and other issues around this including fibroids. I have had many successful results with fertility issues, both with men and women. The study of Embryology has further enhanced my knowledge in this field. Deep rooted issues can be unravelled to allow the body to become fertile and present. 



Hello Aruna

Well, I don't know what you did to my toes but they are no longer numb, at all. If they stay this way, it would be the first time in 10 years! Maybe its the Covent Garden air?

Best wishes 

Ann B


I had blood in my semen. I went to the doctor who referred me to a specialist. After numerous tests, they concluded that they could'nt help me. I then tried acupuncture, herbs and all kinds of tinctures. Nothing helped. I went to see Aruna for 4 weekly sessions. I no longer have blood in my semen. 

Physical Imbalances

An outside force as in an accident, surgery or internalized as in our unconscious thoughts, create undesirable body postures and disease.  These circumstances will greatly affect the facsia which becomes tangled creating a fulcrum of pain that radiates to many different areas in the body. Shiatsu can help peel back the layers of pain allowing the fascia to release efficiently from the body reinstating increased flexibility as the body heals


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